Equipment Vendor Program

CEH Leasing Vendor Partner Program

Our Vendor Partner Program is designed to increase the equipment vendor's bottom line and build customer loyalty. We provide financial incentives, web tool integration for both management in the office and web based sales tools for sales people in the field. We are dedicated to providing both the merchant and the equipment vendor outstanding customer service.  Our goal is to make our leasing program the vendor's sales tool to increase equipment sales and close more deals quickly and easily. CEH lease contracts are simple plain English contracts. We provide single point of contact customer support. We make doing business with us faster and hassle free.  Our new 4 Hour Fund Program leverages new technology and will change the way you think about leasing!

4 Hour Vendor Funding Program...This Changes Everything!

How the 4 Hour Funding Program Works

Step One:

The merchant completes our online application. Applications take less than 5 minutes to complete. Vendors send us the equipment invoice. Once the application is received credit will be approved the same day, and in many cases just a few hours or even instantly! The vendor and merchant will receive email updates each step of the way.

Step Two:
Electronic documents are sent to the merchant. The customer signs the lease documents on his computer or cell phone. The transaction is now considered closed. No money up front is required. Our eDocs eliminate all the back and forth associated with paper docs. There are never missing signatures or un-readable documents.
Step Three:
The vendors invoice is paid within 4 hours of receipt of the eDocs. There is no verbal audit call to the merchant. We do not require vendor serial numbers. There are no driver license requirements. All funds are paid by ACH to the vendor. Get your deals approved and paid the same day! We will never give you a funding check list!

Learn More and Get Vendor Sales Training

CEH Leasing offers Webinar Sales Training for our leasing program. Individual and group training is available. Call us today and get started selling the best vendor leasing program in the industry. We can offer custom web sales tools to help drive more sales and improve your cash flows.