What's New

4 Hour Funding

4 Hour Funding is a great NEW leasing program for merchants and equipment vendors! This changes everything! Lease applications are approved the same day or some cases within hours. Vendor's invoices are paid in full on receipt of our docusign contracts within four hours of receipt of the signed lease!

All documents are electronically signed which removes all the hassles of the back and forth of unsigned or incorrectly signed paper docs.

  • We require no verbal audit or acceptance funding call to the merchant.
  • No drivers license signature verification is required.
  • No need for originals or advance security deposits.

90 Day Deferred Payments

  • Get the equipment you need today and make no payments for 90 days.
  • This great program is available to both new startup businesses and existing businesses.
  • Applications are approved at the current program rates with no additional costs to the merchant.
  • This program requires no deposits, no advances and no fees.

POS as Service and Equipment as Service

This new program allows merchants to contract with equipment vendors for the installation of equipment which can include service agreements, software upgrades, regular equipment maintenance and planned replacement of hardware all for one monthly payment. If you are currently using or interested in implementing a "Service Program" contact us and let us customize a program for your Point of Sale or Equipment installations.